2019 Australian Studies in China Program Awardees

Category Name (s) Organisation   Subject   Amount Approved 
1 An Ran Inner Mongolia University  Exploration of the Profound Theme of Richard Flanagan's The Narrow Road to the Deep North  $5,020.00
1 Chen Beibei East China Normal University  In-depth Biographical/Critical Research on Western Australian Writers Group  $5,900.00
1 Deng Kun Shanghai University of International Business and
 How Australia Aid affects Its direct investment in the South Pacific Region --
Australia's foreign aid policy changes and its impact analysis
1 Fang Hong Soochow University  Teaching Australian Young Adult Novels to Second-Year University Students  $4,200.00
1 Hu Dan Beijing Foreign Studies University  Beijing and Shanghai v. Sydney and Melbourne: a comparative approach and implications for bilateral economic relations  $6,000.00
1 Jiang Lu Beijing Foreign Studies University  Neoliberalism as ideology —how party ideologies shaped Australian public policies  $6,000.00
1 Li Zhiqing East China Normal University  The Participation of Chinese migrants in Australian politics  $6,000.00
1 Liu Shuqi East China Normal University  trade relations between Australia and India in the early 21st century.  $5,800.00
1 Lyu Lipan Shanghai Normal University - upcomiing ASC  Back to the Gold Rush: Cultural Memory in Chinese Australian Writers’ Literary Works  $6,000.00
1 Saihan Qiqige Chifeng University  Teaching on Australian Content for 2019 ISEC Undergraduates  $1,500.00
1 Su Rina Inner Mongolia Normal University  The Construction and Implementation of SPOC–based Blended Learning Model in the Course of Australian Society and Culture  $6,000.00
1 Tian Qixiu Anhui University  Echoes of China: Investigation of China in Australian Novels, 1978-2018  $4,250.00
1 Wu Haiyan Inner Mongolia Normal University  A Survey of Australian Indigenous People: History, Society and Culture  $6,000.00
1 Wuyun Gaowa Inner Mongolia Normal University  Establishing a resources bank for Australian children’s literature in China  $4,000.00
1 Xu Daozhi Sun Yat Sen University  Belonging and a Sense of Place? Chinese Australians on Indigenous Land  $6,000.00
1 Zhang Jiasheng Nantong University  A Comparative Study of Henry Lawson and Lu Xun.  $6,000.00
2 Bao Hongling, Hai Mei, Ming Hua Chifeng University  Translate, Publish and Teach Dot and the Kangaroo into Mongolian for
 Children in Inner Mongolia of China
2 Cheng Yongguo Tsinghua University   Tsinghua-UNSW Data Science Competition (Datathon)  $3,000.00
2 Gu Hai Yue & Hu Dan & Li Ya Shanghai University, BFSU & Sichuan Normal University  The 2nd China-Australia Education Forum                           $7,000.00
2 Hu Dan Beijing Foreign Studies University  To seek funding for the 2nd China-Australia Economic Forum and  compiled papers from the 1st (20 Nov. 2019) and 2nd (scheduled for June 2020) forum  $10,000.00
2 Hu Dan & Richard Hu Beijing Foreign Studies University  Research and publication mentor program   $10,000.00
2 Jing Shan Shanghai University of International Business and
 The Impact of Sino-US Trade
 Friction on Sino-Australian Economic and Trade Cooperation : Based on the Perspective of Trade in Value-Added.
2 Li Jianjun The Chinese Association for Australian Studies  Publishing No.5 and No. 6 issues of the Chinese Journal of Australian Studies (2020)  $10,000.00
2 Li Jianjun, Chen Hong & Xu Daozhi The Chinese Association for Australian Studies & East China Normal University  A Special Issue of Journal of Australian Studies on “Australian Studies in China”  $4,000.00
2 Liu Kedong & Li Jianjun Harbin Institute of Technology & CAAS  Hosting the 17th (2020) International Conference of Australian Studies in China   - 
2 Liu Yingjie Chifeng University  The 2nd Australian Books Exhibition and Reading Month in Chifeng University - Australian Literature and Translation Appreciation  $2,000.00
4 Huang Zhong Wu Han University  create a comprehensive database of Chinese Australian Literature.  $15,000.00